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What is a tall tub dishwasher?

What is a Tall Tub Dishwasher?

Tall tub dishwashers are kitchen essentials that have a larger capacity to handle more dishes and cookware than the standard model dishwashers. 

Their spacious interior can hold up to 15 place settings while maintaining the same exterior dimensions as standard models. 

This larger capacity allows you to clean specialty cookware like woks, paella pans, and casserole dishes effortlessly, ensuring everything is ready for your next culinary masterpiece. 

Explore this comprehensive guide as we explain the ins and outs of a tall tub dishwasher, helping you determine whether upgrading to a larger-capacity model suits your needs.

What does a tall tub dishwasher mean?

A tall tub dishwasher offers expanded interior space without increasing its exterior size. This larger capacity accommodates oversized cookware, making it perfect for larger families or frequent entertainers.

But you’d be surprised to know that the dimensions of a tall tub dishwasher, such as being 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches tall, align with standard models. 

This allows for the ease of installation and is a perfect way to increase the storage space during kitchen renovation even with the expanded capacity.

What is the difference between a tall tub and a regular dishwasher?

Tall tub dishwashers have wider tines and flatter motor designs compared to regular dishwashers, allowing easy loading and cleaning of baking sheets and larger dishes. 

While regular dishwashers have larger motors and the spray arms are located beneath the bottom rack, tall tub dishwashers, with their flat motors and top-placed washing arms, create more space in the bottom rack so you can wash cookware of various shapes and sizes. 

Another distinctive feature that separates tall tub dishwashers from regular dishwashers is the omission of the kick plate, which maximizes usable space. Additionally, tall tub dishwashers are available in several top-control and front-control designs, with various finishes to match the kitchen decor. 

Benefits of tall tub dishwasher

Tall tub dishwasher benefits include: 


  • Large capacity bottom rack to better accommodate baking sheets and serving dishes. 
  • An adjustable second rack is suitable for tall items, such as blender jars and reusable water bottles.
  • Standard exterior dimensions for simple installation.
  • Allows you to run fewer programs and cycles with larger loads.
  • Select models featuring a stainless steel finish and a third rack.


The tall tub dishwasher allows you to load the cookware on the lower rack rather than letting the dishes rest in the sink. The second and third racks offer more room for leftover utensils and hard-to-fit items. 

They are ideal for someone who handles dishes and cookware of any size, from family gatherings to holiday meals and wants to clean up the dishes with fewer cycles. Additionally, for optimal dishwashing results, always pair your dishwasher with Finish dishwasher detergent for sparkling clean dishes with every cycle.

No, there is no requirement for additional space or higher countertops because the tall tub dishwasher has the same dimensions as a regular dishwasher.

The standard tall tub dishwasher dimensions are approximately 24 inches wide, 35 inches tall, and 24 inches deep.