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Can You Use Dishwasher Tablets in Washing Machine?

Can You Use Dishwasher Tablets in Washing Machine?

Nowadays, dishwashers are considered the most convenient home appliances for efficient dishwashing. They are time-efficient and productive, and they help reduce the amount of water used and the energy needed to heat it, which can save you money in the long run. 

However, achieving sparkling cleaned dishes with every wash requires using high-quality, reliable, and powerful dishwasher detergent, such as Finish.

Available in tablets, liquid, and powder, they provide unbeatable dishwashing performance, resulting in ultimate clean and diamond shine every time.

Whether you are a seasoned dishwasher or are just starting to use one, you may have asked yourself, “Can dishwasher detergents be used in the washing machine?” 

You'd be surprised to know the answer to that question. However, considering the detergent's various surprising uses, the case is quite strong in favor of dishwasher tablets.  

So, keep reading to learn whether you can use dishwasher tablets in the washing machine.

Can Dishwasher Tablets be Used in a Washing Machine?

Dishwasher tablets, such as Finish Ultimate All-in-1, can be utilized in washing machines to dissolve grease, dirt, and mineral buildup that may accrue with regular use.

Here’s how you can use a dishwasher tablet to clean your washing machine: 

  1. Start by adding a dishwasher tablet to the washing machine. 
  2. Drop the tablets into the drum and pour the rest of the water through the detergent compartment with the door closed until it crosses the lower edge of the hatch. 
  3. Now Select 90 degrees as the temperature setting, shut the door, and start the machine cycle. The powerful cleaning agents will help remove your clothes' dirt, stains, and odors.

And there you have it!

However, regardless of the type, ensure all the precautionary measures are taken before proceeding without impacting your machine and check with your manufacturer’s recommendations.


The dishwasher soap formulation is different and is not recommended for the washing machine or clothes. Dish soap creates lots more suds — your washer won't be able to handle them, and the rinse cycle won't get out all of the soap.

Add a dishwasher tablet to your sink with hot water and let it dissolve. The tablets' cleaning agents help remove dirt, grease, and grime, leaving your sink sparkling clean.

Using dishwasher detergent as soap is not advisable because it doesn’t suds up the way dishwashing soap does, and its concentrated formula can irritate skin and cause allergic reactions.