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The Best Offers from the Leading Dishwasher Manufacturers

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Why wash dishes by hand when using a Dishwasher saves you Time, Money, Water and give you Hygienically Clean & Shiny Dishes - So STOP HANDWASHING, USE A DISHWASHER!


Key Dishwasher Benefits


A dishwasher gives you 99.9% Hygienically clean Dishes*

Saves Time

Using a dishwashing saves you upto an hour a day** to spend with your loved ones

Saves Water

A dishwasher uses 90% less water compared to handwashing***

Saves Money

A dishwasher saves money on your water bills!****

*As a result of Dishwashers reaching temperatures high enough to kill germs
**Based on consumer study comparing time taken to load & unload a dishwasher vs. manual handwashing for a 12 place setting load for a normal cycle
***Based on laboratory testing comparing a dishwasher v manual dishwashing on a 12 place setting load for a normal cycle
****Based on portion of water bill generated through dishwashing habit only