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Save Water for a Brighter Future

We are committed to lighten the load of dishes for every one in the world and for the world itself.

Water, is a precious resource that is slowly running out. Over the years, water has been instrumental in the growth of our region - a cornerstone in our quest for prosperity and progress! We should not forget the importance of such a critical resource and cherish its existence. Simple behavioural changes such as adopting a dishwasher for washing dishwasher can save up to a 100L of water daily. Its time we stand up, and promise to play our part to save water for a brighter future #OurWaterMatters

Where our water goes

On average, KSA Daily Water Consumption is Twice the Global Average!

Our Manifesto

6 ways to Save Water

Knowing where we waste water can inspire us to take positive action. There are many things that each and every one of us can do to reduce our water consumption, and the actions we take as individuals can make a big difference. Collectively we need to reduce our water consumption to reduce the threat of severe water stress.

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Save 40% per minute High efficiency showerheads can use as little as 6 litres per minute, saving 20 litres per five-minute shower.

Toilet Flush

Save 50% per flush Modern dual flush toilets use as little as 6 litres per flush or even less.


Save around 60% per load A new A-rated washing machine typically uses just 56 litres per load.


Save 85% per load A dishwasher uses just 10 litres per full load, saving more than 50 litres per day against handwashing in a sink.

Running Taps

Save 91% per minute Taps fitted with flow-controlled aerators can use less than 800mm of water per minute, saving over 8 litres per minute.


Save over 99% per hour Installing a drip irrigator uses just 4 litres per hour, saving as much as 996 litres per hour.