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The Do's And Don'ts Of Using Dishwasher Tablets

The Do's and Don'ts of using dishwasher tablets: Maximizing efficiency

A dishwasher miraculously cuts down time required for doing household chores. However, making mistakes while using this appliance can be troublesome.

Some major dishwasher mistakes include, not doing enough research before buying a dishwasher, not knowing mistakes to avoid while using dishwasher tablets, not choosing the right model, or not being careful about the placement of dishes. Still, not knowing how to use the dishwasher tablets properly tops the list.

Suppose you continue using the dishwasher tablets without knowing their storage and usage guidelines. In that case, you might do more harm than good to yourself and the machine, making the whole process ineffective and time-consuming.

Now, let's examine how and how not to use a dishwasher tablet by understanding the cleaning hacks.

Uses Of Dishwasher Tablets

One of the most common and well-known uses of a dishwasher tablet is to clean the dirty and greasy dishes. But that is not the only purpose that the dishwasher tablets serve.

Many dishwasher tablets are available in the market, but selecting a well-known brand, like Finish dishwasher tablets, is recommended. Finish dishwasher tablets are practical and productive. The good news is that you can also use them for various surprising purposes! Get accustomed to the benefits of dishwasher tablets as well to make the most use. 

So let's find out the "Do's "of the dishwashing tablets that maximize their purpose.

1. Proper storage of the dishwasher tablets

It would be best to store your dishwasher tablets properly to increase their shelf-life.

  • Airtight container

Use an airtight container to store the dishwasher tablets. Once you open the tablets, storing them in a cool and dry place is essential, as excessive heat and moisture can alter their chemical composition.

  • Protect the dishwasher tablets from direct sunlight

Store the dishwasher tablets away from sunlight. Please keep them in a place that doesn't get direct sunlight. It will not allow the radiation to reach the tablets directly, preventing the enzymes from being exposed to direct sunlight.

2. What dishwasher tablets to buy

Many dishwasher tablets are available in the market. It is advisable to use a renowned brand like Finish dishwasher tablets. These come in recyclable packaging. It’s a sealed packet with proper guidelines mentioned for storing dishwasher tablets for extended use, making the dishwashing procedure easy for the user.

3. How to use dishwasher tablets

  • Use dry hands

Always use dry hands while using dishwasher tablets to prevent the tablets from coming in contact with moisture and forming clumps.

  • Care for biodegradable wrapping

Finish dishwasher tablets are wrapped in 100% water-soluble film. This water-soluble film doesn't require unwrapping. It is advisable to not tear the film before using it; you do not want to spill those chemicals.

  • Dry detergent chamber

Keep the detergent chamber dry before placing the dishwasher tablets to prevent it from activating before washing.

  • Deal with stuck tablets

Dishwasher tablets stick together if they become wet. It is wise to place up to 2 Finish dishwasher tablets in your dishwasher. If they get stuck, do not try to separate the sticking tablets to avoid inefficiency.

  • Be Eco-friendly

Finish dishwasher tablets are eco-friendly. These tablets save water and energy. Use Finish dishwasher tablets to play your part in a greener future.

Don'ts Of The Dishwasher Tablets

Let's discuss some common dishwasher tablet mistakes to avoid or discontinue if you are already following those methods.

  1. Not choosing the right detergent

    Selecting the right detergent according to your dishwasher is very important. If you are a new dishwasher user, it is important to understand that you should not use any bar or liquid soap in the dishwasher which you typically use for hand washing dishes.

    Doing this would lead to the production of increased lather and overflowing of dishes.

    Most people think using an increased quantity of dishwasher tablets would clean the dishes quickly. But that's not true.

    Using more tablets for dishwashers would only increase foam formation and disturb the functionality of the dishwasher.

  2. No cleaning of filters

    If you are a dishwasher user, you need to clean the filters depending on the usage of the machine.

    A frequent user must clean the dishwasher weekly to prevent the filters from clogging. 

    For individuals who don’t have much use for the appliance, monthly cleaning would suffice.

  3. Tossing the tablet into the dishwasher

    Don’t just toss the tablet into the dishwasher. Place it at the bottom to ensure maximum performance.

    Keeping the tablets at the bottom of the machine allows the tablets to dissolve completely and work more efficiently.

  4. Exposing tablets to moisture or direct sunlight

    Dishwasher tablets are supposed to be kept in a cool and dry place. The radiation from the sun can alter the chemical properties of the tablets, making them less effective. 

    Simultaneously, if the dishwasher tablets come in contact with moisture, they will clump together, affecting their efficiency.

  5. Using dishwasher tablets after the expiry date

    If the dishwasher tablets are stored well in cool and dry conditions, you can use them even after expiration. Dishwasher tablets won't go bad; you can only compromise their efficiency after expiry. 

    Try using them within the recommended time frame.

    The dishwasher tablet cleaning hacks mentioned above can help you use the dishwasher machine and tablets appropriately to increase the procedure's efficiency and the longevity of your appliance. Finish dishwasher tablets are an amazing option as these tablets have all the required properties.


Some common mistakes while using dishwasher tablets are exposing them to sunlight or moisture as moisture can cause clumping together of the tablets, using them after the expiry date, not cleaning the dishwasher's filter regularly, and using the wrong detergent for your dishwasher.

Store the dishwasher tablets in a cool and dry place. Use well within the expiry date. And placing the tablets at the bottom of the dishwasher.

Finish dishwasher tablets are the most efficient option while being eco-friendly.