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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dishwasher Detergent

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dishwasher Detergent

A dishwasher is an essential home appliance designed to automate cleaning dishware, cookware, and cutlery. 

Contrary to popular belief that it serves as an excuse to avoid manual dishwashing, a dishwasher offers benefits by efficiently handling the cleaning task, producing exceptional cleaning results, and conserving energy and water resources compared to traditional hand washing methods. 

Among the various components of the dishwasher that synchronize to yield the cleaning results we all love, dishwasher detergents are the most important and accountable component. 

They are the unsung heroes of dishwasher cleanliness, and even though you may know how to use them the right way or make your best effort to choose the best one for your appliance, their intricacies often go unnoticed.

Whether you opt for a dishwasher tablet, gel, or powder, this article reveals the seven things you didn’t know about dishwasher detergent! Be ready to get surprised! 

1. Unbelievable uses of dishwasher detergents (tablets) 

It may come as a surprise, but the dishwasher tablets can do more than just the dishes. That’s right! These Ultimate All-in-1 tablets contain secrets and can help with many other things around your house.

For example, they can assist in brightening faded whites, reviving dull jewelry, cleaning greasy oven racks, helping shower heads shine, and more. Learn more about how they can help you through our surprising uses of dishwasher tablets around the house article. 

2. No need to pre-rinse the dishes with detergent

Pre-rinsing is a thing of the past. Removing food residue from your dishes is important, but don’t make the mistake of rinsing the dishes in the kitchen sink. It is time-consuming and becomes a means to waste many precious resources (water). 

Dishwashers have sensors that detect how dirty the dishes are, so they won't work as hard as you might expect if they detect dishes that are almost near to clean. 

Additionally, modern-day dishwasher detergents, such as Finish Ultimate All-in-1 tablets, endorsed by manufacturers, contain bleach and enzymes that fight tough stains and break down proteins and starches without pre-rinsing. However, you must remove food residue from your dishes, put it into the rubbish bin, and load your dishwasher.

3. Using too much dishwasher detergent 

While adding a little bit of extra detergent seems good, it isn’t. Using more detergent than the manufacturer’s instruction holds a top spot in the list of things you should never do with dishwasher detergent.  

Using too much dishwasher detergent won’t make your dishes any cleaner and may cause your appliance to overflow with lots of suds. You’ll be wasting the detergent, which could also cause a detergent residue on your dishwasher. 

4. Put tablets into the detergent compartment

Dishwasher tablets are easy to use, pre-measured, and perform superior cleaning. But they still need to be put into the detergent compartment of your dishwasher and not just tossed into the button of the appliance. 

Putting them in the detergent compartment will help them dissolve immediately when the water hits them, ensuring it is introduced at the right point in the cleaning cycle for the best results. 

5. Importance of Rinse Aid 

For optimal dishwashing brilliance, detergents and rinse aid must be used together. Since dishwasher detergents have been reformulated without phosphates, rinse aids are even more necessary than ever.

High-quality rinse aids, like Finish Rinse Aid, reduce water surface tension, helping it run off dishes and the unit's interior, promoting quick evaporation, minimizing water sports, and ensuring dazzling shine on glasses and dishes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Using regular dish soap in your dishwasher will cause a suds explosion in your dishwasher, leading to suds spillage to the floor. Hence, it is suggested that you only use Finish dishwasher detergent, which the leading dishwashing manufacturers recommend. These detergents include ingredients such as enzymes that break down food stains on the dishes.

Just as you can't use dishwashing soap in your dishwasher, you shouldn't use dishwasher detergents when hand-washing dishes. Because dishwasher detergent doesn't sud up the way dishwashing soap does, you might waste detergent in pursuit of achieving the desired bubbles.

For optimal dishwashing results, it's advisable to use Finish dishwasher detergents that are best for all dishwashers to ensure an exceptional dishwashing experience.