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What is Panel Ready Dishwasher

What is Panel Ready Dishwasher?

Panel ready dishwashers feature a blank stainless steel door that can be customized with matching paneling and seamlessly blended with your kitchen cabinets. This option offers a seamless design, appealing to homeowners and builders seeking a cohesive look.

These dishwashers offer customization options for coating, material, and handle type and are typically designed for ½” or ¾” panels. But, despite the customization, these dishwashers maintain their functionality and boast powerful performance alongside top-notch features.

Panel ready dishwasher vs standard dishwasher

Not every dishwasher is compatible with custom-made panels for dishwasher. The only dishwasher that supports the capability to have a panel attached to it is considered “panel ready.” 

However, many people have wondered, “Can any dishwasher be panel ready?” and found ways to attach a panel to a non-panel-ready dishwasher. In the end, it costs more time and effort, and the results aren’t as professional as the presentation of a panel ready dishwasher. 

Below are some of the most common “pros and cons” of panel ready dishwashers: 


  • Seamless and integrated look in your kitchen
  • Easy to do a dishwasher panel replacement if necessary
  • Personalized panels allow for unique kitchen designs
  • Panel-ready dishwashers outlast trends and fads in the appliance world
  • Don’t compromise on performance with panel-ready dishwashers


  • Price is significantly more than standard dishwashers
  • Special installation is recommended
  • Panels are a separate cost from the dishwasher unit

How are panel ready dishwashers implemented?

It's imperative to follow certain steps to ensure you successfully integrate a panel-ready dishwasher into your kitchen. 

First, while remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, keep the dishwasher’s dimensions in mind. This will ensure that the dishwasher fits well into its designated space but that it also seamlessly matches the kitchen cabinetry. Avoiding a size mismatch maintains a cohesive appearance throughout the kitchen.

The custom front panel, designed to match your kitchen cabinetry, is affixed to the dishwasher, concealing its appearance. 

This panel is typically provided by the cabinet makers or sellers, not the appliance sellers. Therefore, it's crucial to coordinate with your cabinet suppliers during a kitchen renovation.

What do you need to know before buying panel ready dishwasher? 

Here are some important things to keep in mind before buying a panel ready dishwasher.

1. Custom panel options 

Make sure your cabinet manufacturer provides compatible custom panel options. If they do not, then you should explore alternative solutions. 

Consider various panel styles, finishes, and materials to maintain your desired aesthetic. Additionally, you might find suitable panels from other suppliers if needed.

2. Compatibility

You must match the dimensions of your panel ready dishwasher with your kitchen space. Measure the available area meticulously, taking into account depth, width, and height restrictions. 

Also, note that the custom panel might alter the appliance's dimensions, potentially affecting installation or the final appearance.

3. Installation process 

Before buying your dishwasher, it is beneficial to understand the installation process. Determining whether it is a feasible do-it-yourself project or if professional assistance is needed and is necessary. 

Some dishwashers include a panel kit and installation instructions, while others may require additional accessories or expertise for correct installation.


No, when properly installed, panel-ready dishwashers are designed to fit flush with the surrounding cabinetry. If the dimensions are accurately measured and the custom front panel is aligned correctly during installation, they should not stick out of the cabinets.

While some people may be able to install a panel ready dishwasher themselves, it is generally advised that they seek professional help. Proper installation involves aligning the custom panel correctly, ensuring proper connections, and verifying the dishwasher's functionality, tasks that may require expertise for optimal results and safety.

Yes, panel ready dishwashers are usually more expensive than standard dishwashers due to their customization options. But, the final price of the dishwasher often depends on its features and the household needs.