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How To Properly Store Dishwasher Tablets

How To Properly Store Dishwasher Tablets For Long-Term Use

Buying dishwasher tablets in bulk is a great, budget-friendly idea. You can store them for future use, but can they demonstrate poor results if they are stored for a long period of time?

Dishwasher tablets do not go bad but their efficacy will be reduced if you use them after the expiration date.

You can use dishwasher tablets for 6-15 months without noticing any ineffectiveness. Other than cleaning dishes, there are different uses of dishwasher tablets around the house, which makes it important to understand the storage procedure thoroughly. Chances are, If you properly store the dishwasher tablets, you can also use them after their expiry date.

Let's look at what happens to the dishwasher tablets after they expire and the factors that will help you store them properly for future use. We will provide you with productive tips for preserving dishwasher tablets for a prolonged period.

When do the dishwasher tablets turn bad?

Dishwasher tablets usually retain their effectiveness for 6-15 months, according to their types. Some dishwasher tablets can last up to 2 years if stored properly. 

Dishwasher tablets contain detergent and some enzymes, making it hard for the bacteria to grow on them. However, a moist environment might allow some fungi to grow, but it's uncommon.

The levels of enzymes tend to reduce with time in a dishwashing tablet, which makes it ineffective over time. Now, let's go through some best practices for storing dishwasher tablets to avoid dishwasher tablet mistakes and keep on using them effectively.

Proper storage tips for long-term dishwasher tablets use

1. Using an airtight container

After opening the packet of dishwashing tablets, keeping them in an airtight container is essential. Excessive heat and moisture can alter the chemical composition of the tablets.

2. Preventing exposure from direct sunlight

Protecting the dishwashing tablets from being exposed to direct sunlight is necessary. Put them in a cabinet or space that doesn’t get direct sunlight. It will keep the radiation from reaching the tablets and prevent the enzyme from being subjected to excessive heat. 

Popular dishwasher tablets

Many dishwasher tablets are available in the market. Using a renowned brand like Finish dishwasher tablets, who use recyclable packaging for the product, is advisable. The tablets come in a sealed packet with proper guidelines on storing dishwasher tablets for extended use and tips for using these tablets, making the procedure safe and easy for the user.

How to use:

  1. Use dry hands

    Always use dry hands to open the packet to prevent the tablets from coming in contact with the moisture and clumping together.

  2. Biodegradable wrapping

    There are numerous benefits of Finish Quantum Ultimate dishwasher tablets but one of the most prominent is that these are wrapped in 100% water-soluble film that doesn't require unwrapping. Do not tear the film before using it; you do not want to spill those chemicals.

  3. Dry detergent chamber

    Place the product in a dry detergent chamber to prevent its activation before washing.

  4. Do not store in the cutlery basket

    Do not store the dishwasher tablets in the cutlery basket to avoid dissolution issues.

  5. Stuck tablets

    Dishwasher tablets might stick together if they come in contact with the moisture. It is okay to place up to 2 tablets of Finish dishwasher tablets in your dishwasher if they get stuck. Do not try to separate the sticking tablets.

  6. Eco-friendly

    Finish dishwasher tablets are eco-friendly and save water and energy. Use such tablets to play your part in a greener future.

    Always buy a fresh pack of dishwasher tablets with expiry dates. However, you can also use it after its expiration date if you store the tablets properly following the above mentioned guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Store dishwasher tablets in an airtight container.

Most dishwasher tablets do well for 6-15 months but can be used for up to 2 years if stored properly.

Yes, you must store dishwasher tablets in dry storage away from moisture because humidity can activate the enzymes present in the tablets, and tablets can also stick together.