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How Dishwasher Detergents Remove Grease And Grime

Breaking down Stains: How Dishwasher Detergents Remove Grease And Grime

You must wonder what makes Finish dishwasher detergent efficient in cutting through grease on your dishes. It owes this excellence to the ingredients it's made up of. This panoramic guide discusses the active ingredients in a dishwashing detergent that sparkly cleans your dishes. 

By the end of this article, you'll be able to better understand how the dishwasher detergent removes grease. 

Active ingredients in Finish dishwashing detergent

Finish dishwasher detergent is generally formulated with a combination of

  • Oxygen-based bleaching agents
  • Non-ionic surfactants
  • Polycarboxylates, phosphonates
  • Enzymes
  • Perfumes and dyes
  • Preservatives

1. Oxygenated bleaching agents

Oxygenated bleaching agents are natural and have mild bleaching properties. 

Oxygenated bleaching agents do not discolor your dishes and provide a subtle shine to the dishes. When you add the dishwasher detergent and run the cycle, the oxygenated bleaching agents come in contact with moisture and release oxygen molecules. This reaction removes grease and grime, efficiently cleaning the utensils.

2. Surfactants

Surfactants are the primary cleaning agent in any dishwasher detergent. A surfactant reduces the surface tension of water, permitting it to cut through and remove oil and dirt from the surface of your pots and pans. 

Non-ionic surfactants

As their name suggests, non-ionic surfactants do not carry any charge. They are famous for their mildness and compatibility with other surfactants. People with sensitive skin can use detergents with non-ionic surfactants, such as Finish Ultimate All in 1 Powerball. Commonly used non-ionic surfactants are listed below:

Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether ( AEO-9 )

AEO-9 is a derivative of fatty alcohol. It is gentle on the skin and has powerful emulsification and cleaning properties.

Cocamide DEA

Cocamide DEA is a derivative of coconut oil. It refines the foam quality of the dishwasher detergents. It also provides thickness and texture to the detergent.

3. Enzymes

Enzymes are biocatalysts. They speed up the chemical reaction without being used in the process. Adding enzymes in a dishwashing detergent is to refine the cleaning procedure. 

Enzymes act on food particles such as fats, starch, and protein.

Common enzymes in a dishwashing detergent are:


It breaks down protein.


It breaks down starch.


It breaks down fat and oil.

4. Perfumes and dye in dishwashing detergents

Perfumes in a dishwashing detergent provide a pleasant smell, and dyes add an appealing color to the detergent. Perfumes and dyes do not play a role in the cleaning process. Instead, they make the product visually appealing to the customer.

Fragrances are synthetic, but you can find essential oil-based and natural scents in eco-friendly detergents like Finish dishwasher detergent. 

Dyes can be synthetic or natural, useful in attracting customers to the product.

5. Preservatives

Preservatives play no role in the cleaning process. They increase the shelf life of the detergent. 

Commonly used preservatives are polycarboxylate phosphonates. They tend to maintain the quality of the dishwashing detergent by preventing the growth of bacteria and mold that can spoil the dishwashing detergent. 

Where to put Finish dishwasher tablets in a dishwasher

It is important to know the correct usage of your dishwasher for efficient cleaning of the dishes. Putting the dishwasher tablets at the bottom of the detergent chamber is the best way. Keeping the chamber dry before tossing the tablets in is essential. 

Try to find out about the active ingredients in a dishwasher detergent, the product's eco-friendliness, and skin sensitivity, so that you can choose your dishwasher detergent wisely. 

Happy dishwashing!


Dishwasher detergents use active ingredients that enhance the cleaning process and give a shine to your dishes.

Finish dishwasher detergent is the best detergent for greasy dishes.

Yes, enzymes in the dishwasher detergent dissolve the food particles.

Yes, dishwasher detergent is a good degreaser for your dishes.