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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

8 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Whether it’s you who’s up for a late night snack or your night owl sibling, every family member uses the kitchen at some part of the day. 

It would be fair to say that your kitchen is one of the most frequently visited places in the house. Therefore, it’s obvious that when thinking about home renovation, kitchen remodeling will be a priority task.

Whether the kitchen is large or small, one is always looking for a spacious and fresh look. While remodeling your kitchen, it is important to remember your overall layout to understand better the do’s and don’ts of a kitchen remodel.

What not to do in a kitchen remodel

Looking up various kitchen remodeling options and designs before starting the actual process might come in handy . Firstly, measure the size of your kitchen to get an idea of how you can utilize the available space for a modern look.

Understanding what not to do while remodeling your kitchen is a definite yes. When renovating your kitchen, why not opt for appliances that help you save time? Choose a dishwasher, food processor, and other machines that reduce the amount of time and effort required to get the work done.

Let’s look at the following tips to avoid any mistakes during kitchen renovation. 

1. Do not opt for dark colors

If your kitchen is small, try playing with light and dark colors instead of using dark-colored paint, cabinets, and other fixtures. Bright colors reflect light, make your space look big, and give off the appearance of a clean kitchen. 

2. Not utilizing vertical space

Try installing open shelves to avoid clutter and maximize utilization of the available space. You can utilize this space for keeping things that need to be stored away from moisture, like your Finish dishwasher tablets. You can also keep your cleaned pots and pans in the racks. 

3. Using bulky appliances

If your kitchen is small, you would want to have space-saving appliances. Space-saving appliances like skinny refrigerators, in-built dishwashers, and ovens are good for this purpose. 

4. Not utilizing walls for knife storage

A bulky knife block gives you a messy feel and will utilize more space. Organizing a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder near your preparation area is advisable. It makes grabbing your desired knife from the knife holder for slicing and chopping easier.

5. Using cramped and worn out appliances

With a compact layout, shabby appliances, and dull cabinets, the kitchen will look more cramped than a welcoming cook space. 

6. Not allocating drawers to spice storage

Your cabinet or pantry could become a mess because of the small jars of herbs and spices. If you want to avoid the clutter, allocate a drawer or two to these jars. The best solution is to place these canisters in the drawers to keep them upright. 

7. Keeping pots and pans on the counter top

Keeping pots and pans scattered on your countertop will make your kitchen appear disorganized and sloppy. Install a cookware storage on the wall adjacent to the preparation area to give a more orderly look to your kitchen. 

8. Stocking up the clutter

One of the common mistakes we make is keeping unnecessary items in our rooms, thinking they might be of use later on. It would help if you eliminated all the unnecessary stuff to clear up space.

Mistakes that we mentioned earlier are some of the most common ones that you must avoid while remodeling your kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is challenging, but you can re-decorate your kitchen with a little effort and creativity.


A spacious and well-designed kitchen will give a modern feel.

Keep in mind the overall layout of your kitchen and get different kitchen remodeling ideas before renovating it.

Some might consider all woody and cramped kitchens out of style.

The most important kitchen rule is to keep things in order and avoid clutter.