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Do Commercial Dishwashers Reuse Water

Do Commercial Dishwashers Reuse Water?

Modern commercial dishwashers commonly recycle water. However, the extent and method of water reuse vary. By thoroughly comparing and assessing available options, you can identify the optimal solution that meets your specific washing requirements.

In this article, we investigate whether commercial dishwashers reuse water; we unravel and try to understand the reason behind water reuse in these machines, shed light on the main benefits of this practice, and their role in promoting greener operations.

Why do commercial dishwashers reuse water?

Recirculating commercial dishwashers demonstrate significant efficiency compared to "fill and dump" models, which replace wash water completely after each cycle. 

In a recirculating system, each rinse cycle introduces fresh water into the wash tank, reducing water consumption, hastening operations, and minimizing energy and chemical usage.

Main benefits of reusing water

  • Cost Efficiency: Reusing water reduces costs associated with water, energy, and chemicals.
  • Environmental Conservation: Preserves water, energy, and chemicals and reduces wastewater output.
  • Operational Streamlining: Water reuse allows faster cycles and efficient handling of large volumes, leveraging preheated water for immediate use.
  • Improved Image: Implementing water reuse showcases environmental responsibility, enhancing your brand reputation through smart equipment choices.

Key takeaways

  • Recirculating commercial dishwashers enhances operational efficiency, conserves energy, and reduces water usage through water reuse.
  • Typically, wastewater is recycled across 25-30 cycles.
  • While commercial dishwashers with water reuse tend to have higher upfront costs, they significantly lower long-term operational expenses.
  • Various brands and models vary in how they recycle water.
  • Evaluate your dishwashing requirements to pinpoint suitable options.


Water reuse in commercial dishwashers is not universal; it varies depending on the model. While some commercial dishwashers feature water reuse systems to enhance efficiency and sustainability, others may not incorporate this feature as part of their design.

Commercial dishwashers typically last 10 to 15 years, depending on factors such as usage, maintenance, and the specific model.

Most commercial dishwashers with water reuse capabilities offer customizable settings, allowing businesses to adjust water reuse parameters based on their specific needs and preferences.