Children’s Party Tips

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Children’s parties are fun for everyone – even the parents enjoy them as much as the children do. Seeing your child and their friends have a whale of a time, laughing and enjoying all the games and treats you set out for them, is extremely rewarding for any parent. But then you take a look at all the washing up you need to do afterwards, and your great mood can be dampened somewhat. Every party ends up with a large volume of washing to do, but if you have the right tools at your disposal, you really have nothing to worry about. You can trust Finish Quantum to take over the washing up duties for you – it is devised to tackle all of the problems stemming from catering to a large group of excited children. Using the best dishwasher detergent lets you simply scrape off excess food and load up the dishwasher. Finish pre-soakers also take away the task of waiting for stubborn left-overs to be dislodged – the detergents ensure that all dishes, spoons and glasses come out clean and sparkling with just one wash. So you get more time to devote to really important tasks, such as making sure that your little one and their friends have the best party that you can throw!

Here’s how you can ensure that the party goes off well:


Start by settling on a theme – your little one is sure to expect a theme and will also drop a few hints about what they would like. This can get confusing, so mix one or two themes to make the job easier. For example, if you are planning a party based around a certain cartoon rodent, combine that with a cowboy theme to make it less specific in decorations, props, party favours and other things. Plus, you can ensure that your child will not have the same theme as other children in their class. There is no need to blow a fortune on the decorations; be creative, make the decorations yourself and add your own unique touches to the party.


Children are easily bored and when they get restive, they get tearful and fidgety. So you will have your work cut out planning activities and games to keep them interested all evening. It is a good idea to have some back-up ideas as well, in case a game you planned fizzles out. Balance out boisterous play with calming, indoor activity so the children are not too tired. The theme you pick can be a starting point for games, if you’re looking for ideas. Or you can put a new spin on classic party games like pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, hide and go seek, etc. 


Children love treats they can eat easily and which they can just pop into their mouths and keep playing. It is never a good idea to stuff children with food, because they will just get sick and your party will be ruined. You can provide simple, spill-free sandwiches and crisps, or let them make their meals themselves (this will also keep them occupied for a while). Ideal children’s party foods are nachos, tacos, pizzas and sandwiches.

We hope you’ve now got the gist of how to throw a spectacular party for your little one. Use Finish to clear up the dishes afterward, and you too can have a wonderful time you’re your child.