The Fastest Ways to Load a Dishwasher

The most difficult objects to load in the dishwasher

Everyone has their own method when it comes to loading a dishwasher. Some may stack dishware in neat rows, while some prefer to load it from the front. But one’s method might be frustrating for another, so we at Finish are about to reveal a standard way to load the dishwasher. Our ideas, combined with the best dishwasher detergent (we’re talking of Finish, of course), will result in sparkly dishes that will be much easier to take out of the machine!

Dishes on the Bottom, Glasses on the Top

This seems simple enough, but a quick load requires the right objects to be loaded at the right place.

  • As a rule, glasses should be placed upside down on the top rack.
    • Tumblers, wine glasses and half pint glasses will fit quite easily on the top, but the taller glasses may pose a problem. You can place them on the bottom rack but make sure they don’t touch each other.
    • If your tall glasses are not securely standing, you can get a holder to keep them in position.
  • Dishes can be fit in the racks (start filling from the back, so that the racks are easier to order). Larger plates should be placed further to the side or the rear, as this will allow better water flow.
  • Larger cooking implements such as ladles, serving spoons and spatulas should also be placed on the top rack (face down) as they will be easier to remove. Plus, they are also cleaned properly.

Don’t prewash

Instead of dumping the dirty plates and spoons into the dishwasher straight from the table, it is better to scrape off the food into the bin first. This keeps the dishwasher filter clean and clear of large pieces of food. It also lets your dishwasher function properly and saves a lot of water and power. 

Watch your bowls

Bowls stacked on top of each other will not allow cleaning to take place properly, because they block the water from reaching the plates and other crockery. Place the bowls face down and stack them with each other, as opposed to placing them next to small plates.

The Golden Rule

If the dirty face of a dish doesn’t have a clear path to the sprayer, it’s going to remain dirty. So our number one tip is that you should not load too many plates and cooking items at once. Overloading may mean having to wash everything a second time, which is such a waste of time and effort!