Don't get Caught Red Handed!

5 Handwashing VS Dishwashing

Washing every day’s load of dishes by hand can be quite the chore! As surprising as it sounds, washing the dishes by hand costs you more money than washing your dishes in a dishwasher[1]. It is also a dirty, tiring and tedious job. In this article we examine the top factors to consider when you wash dishes by hand, and what lurks beneath those seemingly harmless soap suds.

1 Red, scrubbed hands

One main part when it comes to doing the dishes by hand is that causes the skin on your hands to dry out pretty quickly. Daily dishwashing by hand can cause the skin to dry and peel, and then becomes red with excess scrubbing. You can get dry skin even when you wash the dishes with your bare hands instead of using non-latex gloves which can absorb moisture and leave your hands feeling like they’re covered in chalk. It’s far simpler to use a dishwasher with Finish, the best detergent to get the most out of your wash with the least amount of work.

2 Time lost

One of the greatest things about a dishwasher is that it takes no time out of your day to do the cleaning. You can just go ahead and finish what you’re eating, pop your plates and cutlery into the dishwasher, close the door and go do something else. When your dishwasher is full, it’s time to turn it on, leave it overnight and empty it the next day. This does not happen with handwashing, where every pot, pan and glass needs its own time time to clean.

3 Cutlery washing

The big difference between a dishwasher and washing by hand is the difference it makes to your cutlery. With a sponge and a soak, you can clean a lot of the grime and accumulation off any knife or spoon. But fully cleaning a fork can be a challenge. Furthermore, since each implement has to be cleaned individually, it makes a short job that much longer to complete.

4 Sharp knives

If you’re keen to keep your knives sharp for longer, then you may be partial to washing your large items by hand. However, without due care you may receive a cut while washing knives, especially from recently sharpened ones. Modern dishwashers now feature compartments for keeping knives apart during a wash if you want to find a new way to avoid this problem.

So give the marigolds a rest, and more importantly, give yourself a rest. You can save time, effort, and take care of your hands, by loading everything into the dishwasher, and letting Finish take care of the washing up.