Handwashing vs Dishwashing

Handwashing vs Dishwashing

Sometimes you put things in the dishwasher, but sometimes it’s just easier to wash up the load of dirty dishes by hand – or is it? A dishwasher is there to make life as easy as possible, to enable you to embrace all the dirty dishes that daily life throws at you, so that you can put them right in the dishwasher and get on with the more important things. We know that the solution that helps you most, is the one you have to think about the least, so we’ve put together this list of reasons for why you shouldn’t be worrying about the washing up, especially not by hand:

Saving Money

It’s a common but mistaken belief that washing the dishes by hand can save you money. In fact, it’s often not true at all. Because dishwashers re-use a limited amount of water, it’s not constantly streaming out new water to be wasted. On average a dishwasher uses as little as 12 litres of water[1]. So, you’re saving on water bills as well as the cost of heating it too. Check out the calculator to find out how much money you could save here.

Saving Time

Washing up a full dishwasher load - the cooking utensils, pots, pans and plates - by hand can take as long as 60 minutes to do. Although dishwashers can take longer (depending on the cycle you use), the only time you spend actually working in doing the dishes is the time you take to load and unload the contents. This can take an average of nine minutes. The time you save is huge.

Saving Dishware

Everyone has had a moment where a plate has slipped out of their hands, or fallen when propped up on the draining board, only to break on the floor or counter top. This is very frustrating, and the same goes with glasses and delicate utensils too. It takes ages to clean up the broken glassware, and you might injure yourself while doing so. A dishwasher takes care of the problem by safely storing items throughout the wash, and then self-drying after, ensuring that there are no slips! A dishwasher can save your glassware over time, so long as you store them correctly.

A Better Clean

A wipe with a sponge isn’t the same as a long cycle with the best detergent and piping hot water. Dishwashers are an effective cleaning solution, whereas washing dishes by hand can be ineffective through lack of care or fatigue over a wash. Make a wash easier, cleaner and better with a dishwasher, and dishwasher tablets from Finish.

Every dish. Every time.

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