Finish Quantum: A Better Wash

The most difficult objects to load in the dishwasher

Finish has developed a new ultimate cleaning formula that utilises multi-chamber technology to provide a superior clean and shine. This is an impressive feat of engineering, since it comprises of three vital components to activate by themselves during each wash. It all combines together in the Finish All in 1 Max Regular.

To use the Finish All in 1 Max Regular tablets, simply insert one in your dishwasher’s detergent compartment. Each tablet contains exactly the right amount of each ingredient, eliminating the need for doing the measuring yourself. It is recommended that you set the water temperature at 125° to 140° F (50-60°C). This will be the best temperature to get your plates, glasses and cutlery clean and shiny. We would recommend that you avoid the short wash cycles, as this will not give the detergent enough time to work on all the grease and stains. 

The Real Benefit of Finish All in 1 Max Regular

What makes Finish All in 1 Max Regular the best dishwasher detergent, is the fact that it is designed to make the dishwashing process as easy as it possibly can be, without compromising on the end results. The unique structure of the tablet enables that your dishwasher works harder so you don’t have to. It pre-soaks, washes and rinses all-in-one. Finish works to save you time, so you can load the dishwasher and take some time off.

Here's how effective it can be, even on the worst stains:

Egg Stains

Dried egg stains can leave you feeling as scrambled as the eggs you just ate. Eggs are composed almost entirely of protein, which is highly resistant to cleaning products and which also stains very easily. After scraping off the excess, use Finish All in 1 Max Regular’s specialised bio-substances to attack and break down these proteins.

Baked Foods

Lasagne, Casseroles and Pasta Bakes are always one of the hardest battles your dishwasher will have to face. While cooking, these foods are heated much more on the sides than in the middle, so that it gets carbonised it into an extremely strong and stable state. Finish Power Powder penetrates and lifts even overnight dried food, so the need for a pre-soak is eliminated entirely.  

Tea stains

Tea cups are notoriously difficult to clean, and mostly because they cause a lot of stains. The brown marks around the inside of the tea cup are caused by the tannins in the tea. Tannin is a plant molecule that is also used as a dye in the making of leather (hence ‘tanning’). Finish Classic Gel works to break down these dyes, and it contains strong cleaning substances to ensure that the stains are gone and the cups are cleaned to a sparkling shine.