Every Cloudy Glass Has a Silver Lining

1 Every Cloudy Glass Has A Silver Lining

Going for a dinner party to a friend’s house is one of life’s biggest pleasures. But even more pleasurable is hosting a dinner for friends at your own place. It is quite satisfying – and gratifying – to bring all your friends and family members together to talk and break bread. In an age when social media completely disconnects us from each other, it is wonderful to actually sit down with people and talk over a wonderful meal. But hosting can be hard work, and you may be pulled in all directions in the course of an evening. It’s a pity if you don’t enjoy the do as much as everyone else does, and an even bigger pity if your satisfaction in the party is dampened by something as seemingly inconsequential as cloudy glasses.

So if you are planning to throw a dinner party with your friends in attendance, it helps to make a list of the cutlery and crockery you will need, and make sure that you have enough of them all. Making a checklist will relieve your stress and help you relax for the party. You can also get the time to dress up and be a great host when you’re not worrying about matching your spoons with your plates, and if the glassware is clean enough or needs another spin in the dishwasher. 

So, have you remembered

  • Plates?
  • Cutlery?
  • Chairs?
  • Food?
  • Coffee?
  • Drinks?
  • Music?
  • Guests?
  • Decorations?
  • Place Settings?
  • Napkins?
  • Kids’ activities?
  • Clean glasses?

The seemingly minor element of the evening – glasses to serve water, juice or other beverages in – can become its major irritant. Often, when one caters to a large party of guests, one must dig right to the back of the cupboard to get the spare glasses out. The glasses at the back will most certainly be dusty and splotchy with water marks. It could be a natural occurrence, or it could be the result of using water softeners on a very high setting, or even an overly long dishwasher program cycle. Or it might just be that your dishwasher temperature is too high, rendering the glasses cloudy and dull. The problem is that glass cloudiness is a largely irreversible process, but fret not – there are ways to clean them up instead of running to the supermarket to buy new glasses for your party. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use Finish Quantum Max Shine and Protect in the dishwasher. It helps you achieve a perfect shine in the first wash, by employing a unique glass protect action that shields your precious glasses from becoming cloudy and dull.
  • Ensure that the glasses you buy are dishwasher safe, or you will have to wash them by hand.
  • Check your washer’s water softening units, and set them on the right setting.
  • Use your washer’s glass washing cycle, if one is available in the device. This cycle is shorter and employs lower temperature for higher glass longevity.
  • Let your glasses cool in the wash before removing them. Open the door to let the steam escape after the cycle is over, and get the glasses out only when they cooled.

Your mind will be perfectly at ease by following these tips, because you will find that your glasses come out remarkably clean and shiny. You will never suffer the embarrassment of cloudy glasses again. So now you can take some time off, pamper yourself before you dress with care, and get the time to mingle more with your guests at your party – all thanks to Finish!